My name is Katie. I am a woman. A wife. A mom. A doula.

I was born and raised in Tempe, and met my husband right before graduating from high school. We’ve been married since 2004. My husband is a teacher and I have both Bachelor and Master degrees in social work. I have always been called to helping professions. We have two wonderful and amazing children. Our daughter was born in the hospital, and with her was born the mother in me. My love for all things pregnancy and birth was fed and nurtured through a wonderful pregnancy and birth day, and shortly after  I began to pursue the path to becoming a doula. My son was born almost 2 years later, in our home. His birth taught me about the limitless nature of my own strength; of the strength of women.

I have attended several births, and each one is a unique experience. The thread that joins them all is the feeling I have when I see a new life begin, a feeling of being both grounded into the earth with women of all time and of floating above the heavens. I am reminded, each time I am allowed the great honor of sharing this transcendent experience with a family, that women in birth are goddesses of strength, love, power, and passion. When surrounded by a loving team of support, these women flourish and bloom, and it’s a wonder to witness.

As a doula, my job is to be part of your team. It is not my role, nor my wish, to replace your partner or spouse, whose love and steadfast support is essential. Instead, a doula supports both mother and partner or spouse, providing information, resources, suggestions and encouragement for both parents. This journey to parenthood is yours, and I am simply there to help you have the best and most fulfilling journey possible. I will:

  • provide ongoing, continuous support through labor, birth, and the immediate post-birth period
  • support the parents-to-be emotionally and physically
  • provide you with unbiased information about your birth options, and honor your wishes when providing you care
  • be available from contract signing through 2 weeks after your baby’s birth to answer questions, talk through questions or fears, and help you plan for your best birth
  • help guide you through labor and birth in the setting you choose
  • suggest comfort measures in labor which are respectful of your birth plan and facilitate communication between you and your care providers

As a doula, I will not:

  • provide medical advice or perform any clinical or medical functions (including checking your blood pressure, assessing labor stage or dialation, listening for fetal heart tones, etc.)
  • replace or supplant your care provider
  • make decisions for you or your partner/spouse about care preferences before, during, or after labor and your baby’s birth

I look forward to meeting you! If you would like to set up a Getting to Know You Meet-Up please email me at or call me at 480-406-5028.


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