Your baby is here, and you are cherishing each sweet moment as much as the last!

The first moments, days, and weeks after a new baby is welcomed into your family are a wonderous time. They can be tiring and overwhelmingly emotional one as well. You deserve to receive the same level of support you received in pregnancy and birth as you transition from ‘due’ to ‘done’. The following are services typically provided by Born Doula Services following the birth of your baby: 

The After-Glow:  As your doula, I provide support for the After-Glow, the time when your family and its newest member are taking those tentative first steps to bond and get to know each other. I can provide resources and support to help you transition smoothly, including help with breastfeeding and basic newborn care. This visit also gives us a chance to process your birth experience and answer any questions you may have. Included in your services is 1 visit typically within 2-5 days of your baby’s birth.

Memories: In the moments between first contraction and first breath, your family will experience so much! It can be difficult to hold onto the memories of the little things like the way Dad’s eyes welled with tears at baby’s first sweet cry or the strength of the goddesses which you draw upon to work through labor. As your doula, my primary responsibility is to provide support to you and your family during the transition from expecting to adoring. Time and the situation permitting, I am happy to capture photos of your birth experience and provide them to you at your post-birth visit.


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