A baby is born. A family is born.

The day you give birth to your baby is one of the biggest and most profound days you and your family will experience. Every birth is different; a glimpse at the most tender and yet most powerful moments you may ever live. Whether the birth of your baby is a slow dance in the rain, a whirlwind tour de force or something in the middle, you deserve care that is kind, responsive and patient. You deserve a doula!

Your Birth: For many families, the birth is the culmination of many hours of wonder and preparation. When the moment arrives, your doula will be there to provide support for you and your partner. I will be available and on-call at all times for at least 2 weeks prior to and 2 weeks following your estimated due date. I will be present with you throughout your labor, birth, and the immediate post-partum period. I am happy to attend to homebirths and hospital births alike and can provide support at any phase of your labor journey, no matter if you prefer to have me come early or want more time alone. It’s your birth, and I’ll help you do it your way!


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